TP-Link AC1900 Wi-Fi Gigabit touchscreen router

TP-Link firmware update

This TP-Link AC1900 Wi-Fi touchscreen router is yet another milestone achieved by TP-Link by the introduction of the touchscreen in the hardware. Till this device model, there were not many brands who introduced the touchscreen in the router hardware. The TP-Link AC1900 touchscreen router can be customized through its touchscreen also. The users don’t need to log in to its setup portal through or through etc.

What is the need of updating the firmware of this router?

We strongly recommend you to check for the updates on your TP-Link networking equipment. Moreover, if the update has been released, then update the firmware as soon as possible. Some of the important features regarding the update of the TP-Link router firmware are listed below and we will give some crucial reasons for updating your TP-Link router firmware.

Added security

The router firmware gets more and more secure with each update on it. The update on the firmware usually beefs up the existing security cover over it. The update in the firmware consists of a security patch developed by the TP-Link developers.

Parental controls review

If the parents are having a nightmare about the unhealthy contents being served on the internet to their children, TP-Link gives its users an option to control what their kids are viewing. Sometimes the additional parental controls are listed in the new updated firmware of the router. Therefore, you can control the web contents by blocking the abusive websites through your TP-Link router.

Elimination of bugs

The regular updates on the TP-Link router firmware remove any existing bugs on the router. If you are facing any firmware issue with your router i.e. low internet speed, Lag and buffer in the router’s working etc. Then we seriously recommend you to update the firmware of the router.

Updating the firmware of the router through check button

The TP-Link router’s firmware can also be updated through the check button on the home page of the TP-Link AC1900 Gigabit router.

Follow the step by step guide to successfully update the firmware of the router.

Open the web browser and enter the web domain in the URL bar.

Enter the login credentials that you have set up earlier through which you will be granted the access to the TP-Link router setup dashboard.

Upon the successful login, look out for router firmware tab in the system settings tab.

If TP-Link has released an update for its router firmware, then there will be a check button flashing right beside the router firmware tab.

Click on that check tab and you will be redirected to the download link of the firmware update. Proceed on with the update download.

Follow rest of the instructions on the screen to update the router successfully.


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